Shri Santosh Gupta is the Chief Executive Officer at Indian Social Responsibility Network (ISRN).

Rapid Growth happened in the development of the economy after the concept of CSR. Through the new Companies Act, 2013, which made compulsory for corporates to spend 2% of profits in sustainable development, came into light in April 2014. The advent of the strict laws by the government enforced corporates to be a part of the economic development. To streamline the CSR mandate and to synergize the various societies, ISRN was established solely to build a network among corporates, NGOs and government to ensure cumulative and sustainable growth.

Since 2014, ISRN has worked with various corporates and developing societies, even organized events to enlighten the CSR policies to its members. The ISRN network has now 600 members comprising of NGOs, corporates and trust societies. Striving to make the organization more functional, it is engaged in the activities of Capacity Building to meet the mission and goals in a more structural way. Project Design, Implementation, and Execution of CSR projects are the major functions of the organization.